The Home Buying Process

Construction Process

The process of construction is an exciting one; while our goal is to complete your new home in a timely manner, the schedule can vary depending upon variables such as weather, site conditions, material availability, selections, municipalities, and developers.

Initially you will join your Sales Consultant and Construction Manager for a Lot Walk Session during which your lot, home, and options will be confirmed for accuracy.  We will then initiate the construction process by permitting your home with the local municipality.  Once we receive the building permit things really get moving. Initially, the site will be graded, and forms for the foundation will be set in accordance with the approved plot plan. Plumbing and the foundation will be installed and inspected, then your foundation will be poured and the block delivered.  During the next stage, the rough in portion of construction begins and your home takes shape with rough carpentry, roofing, and rough mechanicals such as air conditioning, plumbing, and heating and more inspections are completed.  When we begin the trim stage, drywall is hung and stucco and trim will begin along with cabinets and any tile.  During the final stage of construction the finishing touches such as mirrors, hardware, and fixtures are installed.  Once your home is landscaped and we have conducted an internal Quality Assurance Inspection, and received the Certificate of Occupancy from the municipality your home is complete! Your Construction Manager will be in touch with you for your New home Orientation and Walk Through.  From that point you are steps away from Closing.